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Alahana Pirivena (Monastery) polonnaruwa srilanka

Alahana Pirivena (Monastery) polonnaruwa srilanka

Monastery is the place where Buddhist monks learn the Buddhism. Alahana Pirivena monastery was the largest monastery residing thousands of monks in 12th Cen AD during polonnaruwa period. This monastery complex has been nominated as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1982 for the historical value of the place. The site consisting of valuable edifices such as chapter house, monk living quarters, stupa, shrine rooms, hospitals and bathing ponds for the monks. The main icon is Baddhasima pasada, the place where Buddhist monks had their all administrations and accommodations for monks. History says that this building was with 12 storied at that time.

                  Other important building in the premises is Lankathilaka image house. There is remaining of a colossal size standing statue of the buddha made out of bricks having a height about 15 mtrs have been destroyed mostly with the time. The building has made according to the vaulted type without tile roofing. The exteriors of the walls are decorated with stucco figures and architectural models. Next to it the white colour edifice is Kirivehera shrine one of the few intact buildings in monastery complex.  


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