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Fauna in Sri Lanka

Fauna in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich and diverse Fauna when compared with its size. According to the latest reports, there are 86 species of mammals in Sri Lanka and 16 of them are endemic to the island. Some of endemic mammals are as follows,

                         1. Flying Squirrel   ( Petaurista phillippenssis)

                         2. Fishing Cat       (Prionailurus viverrious )         

                         3. Golden Palm Civet ( Paradoxurus zeylonesis)

                         4. Red Loris         (Loris tardigradus)

                         5. Purple face Monkey (Trachypithe cusvetulus)

Following are some of the other common mammals that can be seen in the country.

                         1. Elephant       (Elephas maximus)

                         2. Leopard        (Panthara pardus)

                         3. Sloth Bear     (Melursus ursinus)

                         4. Sambar Deer (Cervus unicolour)

                         5. Flying Fox    (Pteropus giganteum)

                        The abundance of its birds life makes Sri Lanka an ornithologists paradise. There are 427 different species recorded in Sri Lanka. 250 species are resident and 32 species out of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. Other 177 species are migrating birds. Some of the endemic birds in the island are as follows,

                         1. Jungle Fowl (Gallus lafayetti)

                         2. Blue Magpie (Urocissa ornata)

                         3. Red-faced Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus yrrbocephalus)

                         4. Crimson Fronted barbet (Megalaima rubricapilla)

                         5. Gray Hornbill ( Ocyceros gingalensis)

Some of the other popular birds in Sri Lanka are as follows,

               1. Many species of birds of prey. (Types of eagles,                     flamingoes, kites, owls)                                    

                         2. Waders (Type of herons, stokes, terns, gulls, sandpipers, snipes)

                        3. King Fishers, bee- eaters, Fly catchers

                        4. Pigeons and Doves

                        5. Barbets and woodpeckers

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