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Galle fort is the only remaining living heritage site in Sri Lanka and comes from the colonial period. Galle was frequented by the traders both from the east and the west of the world from the historical period. It was initially dominated by Portuguese in 16th Cen AD. They arrived to Galle in 1505 AD and took the control over the spice trade run by the Muslims. They made this Galle fort in to 05 bastions to protect from the other naval forces and locals.

                   Dutch arrived to Galle in 1640 AD and took over the control of the fort and also spice monopoly. Dutch are the people who responsible for the construction of the Galle fort in to the condition what we see today.

                   British took over the Galle fort by 1796 AD from the Dutch and did some alterations to the fort. It was handed over to Sri Lanka government after the independent. With the historical value of the place, it was nominated as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988.

                   Galle fort covers an area of 36 hectares. It encloses several museums, a clock tower, churches, mosques, a light house and around 450 private houses. Mostly the raw materials they have used to make building clay, lime stone and woods. The verandah was covered with lattice. Roof covered with semi circled tiles which present the real Dutch architectural pattern remaining for about 450 years.


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