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The Horton plain national park is situated 32 km away from Nuwaraeliya city in central highland of Sri Lanka. Its surrounding forest and adjoining peak wilderness constitute Sri Lanka’s most important catchment area of almost all major rivers.                            The plains are also of outstanding scenic beauty and conservation importance containing most of the habitats and endemic plants, animals’ representatives of the countries wet and montane zones and also with montane cloud forest surviving in the country.

                         Main peaches of the park are Thotupola kanda mountain peak (2357m) from north and Kirigalpoththa mountain peak from the west (2389m), Sri Lanka’s 3rd and 2nd highest mountains respectively. The temperature of the area will be varying from 15Co to 25 Co depending with weather condition. Horton plain national park is the only national park where visitors are allowed to work through. You will have to work about 9km lengthy track with scenic beauty surrounding by relaxing environment. On the way visitors can see the little world’s end with a drop of 274m and greater world’s end with drop of 884m which have panoramic view over the down south plain of the country. Then there is sparkling Baker’s fall before the completion of the journey.

                            Horton plain is well recognized for its rich biodiversity. It’s Flora given a high level of endemism. 5% of the species are found to be endemic to Sri Lanka. Some of them are,

                   1. keena  (calophy llum walkevi)

                   2. Myrtaceae (syzygium routndifolium)

                   3. Lauraceae ( Cinnamomum ovilifolium)

                   4.Polkatugaha ( actinodaphae speciosa)

                   5. Binara ( Exacum trineruium)

                   6. Nelu (Strobilanthes  endamil)

                   7. Dwarp bamboo ( Arundinaria densifolia)

Some popular trees are,

  1. Rhododendron (Rhododendron arboreum)
  2. Fern ( Cyathea)

Large mammals could seldom be seen at Horton plains. Samber deer is a common sight at dusk and in the early morning hours. Other animals are,

                   1. Purple faced Langer ( presbytis entellus)

                   2. Fishing Cat ( Prionailurus viverrinus)

                   3. Wild Boar ( Sus scrofa)

                   4. Stripe necked mongoose ( Herpestes vitticollis)

                   5. Barking Deer ( Muntiacus muntjale)

There are some endemic birds and lizards in the park. Leopard also a rare seen in the Horton pains.


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