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Sigiriya Rock

                    The Sigiriya a rock fortress made in the sky in 5th cen AD is an ancient political capital and most sensational archeological heritage site that has been listed on the world heritage site list in Sri Lanka. It is a major archeological site in Asia displaying a remarkable convergence of fifth centaury urban planning, architecture, gardens cape,  engineering, hydraulic technology and art of ancient Sri Lanka.

                       The Sigiriya Rock fortress was made by king Kashyapa in 5th cen AD. The main part of complex is summit on the rock rising up about 180 meters from the surrounding. Area of the summit is 1.5 hectares which was covered with buildings. The magnificent architectural design and concept of the fortress, the serpentine approaches to the summit, the water gardens so neatly laid on the moat and ramparts and the tasteful and imaginative use of the numerous boulders with the least possible disturbance to their natural form bespeak a mind of high esthetic sensitivity, of the creative person who organized against his brother who escaped to India.

                        The main attractions of the site are lion’s paws, mirror walls, frescoes and moats walking towards the top will be quit hard but interesting through the water garden, boulder garden. And terrace garden. It will take 2 hours to complete the journey.


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