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The Council chamber and the Royal bath -Srilanka

The Council chamber and the Royal bath

                      Other monuments in the inner city are the council chamber and royal bath. The council chamber located to the east of the palace. This was built on an elevated flat form to show the grandeur of royalty. It was decorated with frieze of elephants, lions, horses and dwarfs which are the fine examples of Polonnaruwa sculptures. The entrance was adorned with two stylized lion figures depicting the Sinhalese nations. It further added with beautifully carved moonstone and balustrades. The stone pillars indicate the officer should sit in respective seat while attending to the council with the king.

                     The royal bath is another fine example of royal life style in ancient Sri Lanka. The pond was reserved for the king and the royal family only. It is located next to the council chamber. The pond has made with granites according to the interlocking system without using any mortar or plaster. The water has taken from nearby tank and tilter. The small pavilion by the side probably will be a changing room.

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