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Willpattu National Park -Srilanka

Willpattu National Park

Willpattu national park is the biggest national park in Sri Lanka. The park is situated in Northern western region 200km away from Colombo and 30km away from Anuradhapua in Puttalum Anuradhapura main road. Total area of the park is 131693 hectares. There are hundreds of villus or small natural lakes with press and brackish water as it mention by the name itself.

                    Vegetation of the park, mainly littoral including salt grass, low scrub immediately adjacent to the beach. There is a coastal belt about 8 – 10 kms with monsoon forest and tall emergent. The animals we can see in the park are,

                      1. Elephant (Elephas maximus)

                      2. Leopard (Panthara pardus)

                      3. Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus)

                      4. Spotted deer (Cervus axis)

                      5. Birds

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